Points North, Ep. 3: Surviving winter

Mar 7, 2019

The ferry is one of the only ways to get to and from Neebish Island.
Credit Taylor Wizner

This week on Points North, a community prepares to be stranded on an island in the middle of winter. Plus, a furrier transforms animal pelts into expensive clothes. 

Neebish Island community braces for winter isolation
A ferry takes people to and from Neebish island -- when ice isn't in the way.
Credit Taylor Wizner

Last year on Neebish Island, 20 miles south of Sault Ste. Marie, thick ice formed on the St. Mary’s River. When the U.S. Coast Guard cut it, the island ferry got stuck, and residents were stranded at home for almost a month. Islanders call this 'ice cutting season,' and they know they could be stuck at some point during each winter.

Learn how Neebish Island residents are preparing for this 'ice cutting season.'

One of the few furriers in the state wants to keep you warm
Michael Fridrich Henke has something to keep you warm in the winter: fur.
Credit Morgan Springer

There used to be a furrier in most Michigan towns, says Michael Fridrich Henke. Now, he says it’s a dying craft. That hasn’t stopped Henke, a third generation furrier, who has worked the trade off and on for the past 40 years. 

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