Points North, Ep. 27: Saving sturgeon

Aug 29, 2019

This week on Points North, tribes try to bring sturgeon back to Michigan’s waters. Plus one man realizes his dream of running a curling league. 

Baby sturgeon released to boost population

An adult sturgeon
Credit Wikimedia Commons

Sturgeon are a prehistoric fish that can live up to 100 years old, but overfishing and habitat destruction has decimated their population across the state.

Baby sturgeon were released last weekend as part of a joint effort between the state, tribes and conservation groups to restore populations of this ancient fish. 

Hear the young sturgeon hit the water.

Curling excitement sweeping through Leelanau County
David Gersenson prepares to slide a curling stone down the ice at the Leelanau Curling Club in Maple City.
Credit Dan Wanschura / Interlochen Public Radio

Maple City might not seem like the most obvious place to build a curling rink, but for David Gersenson an old schoolhouse there seemed like a perfect place to start his dream.

Here more about the Leelanau Curling Club.

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