Points North, Ep. 22: Climate change and fruit farming

Jul 25, 2019

This week on Points North, how climate change is causing diseases to thrive in Michigan’s fruit crops. Plus, winemakers Up North pursue more disease-resistant grapes.


Climate trends harming fruit growers
This tart cherry has been defoliated by leaf spotting. It is unlikely the cherries will ripen with so few leaves on the tree.
Credit Peter Payette / Interlochen Public Radio

There’s more precipitation in Michigan than there was 50 years ago. This year, fruit growers have their hands full with diseases that thrive in wet conditions that may become more common as the planet warms. 

Hear about the effects of climate change on fruit crops Up North.

Search for the perfect grape vine
Grape vines at Chateau Chantal on Old Mission Peninsula.
Credit Peter Payette / Interlochen Public Radio

Before he died, Mark Johnson from Chateau Chantal launched an effort to find grapes that are well suited for the climate in Michigan and require less chemicals to fight fungus. Vinters hope vines they brought back from Germany will do just that. 


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