Points North, Ep. 1: Teen dads

Feb 21, 2019

In the first episode of Points North, a teen parenting program called "Generations Ahead" in Grand Traverse County expands to include dads. It helps parents day-to-day and encourages them to stay in school. Plus, we look at new harvest limits for lake trout fishers in Grand Traverse Bay and visit a wood baseball bat craftsman in the middle of his busy season. 

Teen dads stay afloat with help from parenting program

Austin Duff is 15 years old and a father. His girlfriend's pregnancy was unplanned. 

"Seeing his first steps and hearing him say dad ... brings a whole new purpose," says Duff.

Duff relies on a teen parenting program in Traverse City. In the fall, the program restructured and started providing support to dads like him.

Learn more about Duff's life and how the program helps.

Grand Traverse Bay anglers forced to catch fewer lake trout in 2019

Lake trout caught in the Great Lakes.
Credit Michigan Sea Grant

Last year, recreational anglers exceeded the harvest limit on Grand Traverse Bay by 15,800 pounds. This year there will be a penalty, and they won't be able to catch as many fish.

Read more about the penalty and how the limit was exceeded.

It's the busy season for a wood baseball bat craftsman

Brad Lightfoot shows off one of his finished baseball bats in his workshop in Traverse City.
Credit Dan Wanschura

Traverse City's Brad Lightfoot has sold his baseball bats to Major League Baseball players before, but right now he’s focusing on amatuer markets. He says wood bats help train hitters to have better fundamentals.

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