'Pit Spitters' chosen as name for new Traverse City baseball team

Jan 29, 2019

The new baseball team in Traverse City has a name. The 'Pit Spitters' was the name chosen from over four-thousand fan suggestions, including Dogmen and Dune Bears.

The team made the announcement this morning at the State Theatre. 

Linda Williams is looking forward to baseball this summer. She says she likes the new name.

“You know, you’re never going to make everyone happy,” says Williams.  “It’s a nice way to represent our area and bring baseball into our area again.”

The logo features two, fierce-looking cherry characters spitting baseballs out of their mouths.

Ryan Wright was one of several fans who came up with Pit Spitters as a name idea for the team.

“I was thinking of something that needed to be tough for like a baseball team, something you wouldn’t want to mess with,” he says. “The Pit Spitters kinda just stuck out to me.”

The Pit Spitters open up the season on May 28th in Traverse City.

The team will be made up of top college players from around the country — including Michigan State University — and will play in the Northwoods League.