Pandemic frees up Traverse City trio to release new album

Aug 3, 2020

A trio of Traverse City artists are out with a new album called "Live at St. Andrews." It features David Chown, Miriam Picó and Laurie Sears during a 2018 show at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Beulah.

David Chown says the album still might not have been released if it wasn’t for the COVID-19 crisis creating some free time.

"The pandemic ... had something to do with really spurring us to get this music out there," he says. "Our world needs music more than ever right now, and there isn't a lot of opportunities for live performance, but at least we can bring a live CD out to the public." 


The album celebrates the music of George Gershwin, Irving Berlin, The Beatles, and even includes a few of Picó's originals.

Chown says he has been gigging with Picó and Sears separately for years, but they decided to collaborate for some concerts. The show at St. Andrews was just the second they've done together.

"We just love playing together," he says. "The audience out there at St. Andrews ― they're familiar with us ― so everything came together that one night and fortunately we had the tape rolling."

For more information on "Live at St. Andrews" click here.

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