Ottenwess charged with domestic violence, attempted assault on a police officer

Feb 26, 2015

Traverse City Manager Jered Ottenwess has been charged with domestic violence and attempted assault on a police officer.

The charges stem from an incident at Ottenwess' home last week. They were filed today by the Grand Traverse County Prosecuting Attorneys Office. Prosecutors allege that during a police call to his home last Monday, Ottenwess attempted to assault two officers from the Traverse City Police Department. He is also charged with assaulting his wife.

Ottenwess’ mother called 911 last Monday, saying her son had been drinking for three days and was “ripping up our house.” She said Ottenwess tried to hit her before she called 911.

Ottenwess was not arrested at the scene. An investigation was turned over to the Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Department three days after the incident occurred.

Ottenwess has been absent from his job since the incident.