Opening up her ears: Sarah Jarosz in Studio A


Credit Photo courtesy of Sarah Jarosz

Sarah Jarosz has come a long way from the Friday night bluegrass jams of her youth.

Jarosz has swapped her mandolin for a guitar and is now a Grammy-nominated artist. But before pursuing her career as a bluegrass musician, Jarosz enrolled at the New England Conservatory to study contemporary improvisation and learn about other styles of music.

Her fourth album, Undercurrent, feels like a first in many ways: it’s her first album she released while working as a full-time musician and her first opportunity to really focus on her music as a craft. It’s also her first Grammy-nominated album, garnering a total of three nominations, with a fourth for her work on Yo-Yo Ma’s Sing Me Home album.

Jarosz stopped by Interlochen Public Radio’s Studio A during her summer tour to chat with former director of Interlochen Presents Christopher Gruits and to give our listeners an intimate performance of “House of Mercy.”