Once vanished, Michigan’s elk population is state’s “best kept secret”

May 23, 2017
Originally published on May 22, 2017 5:14 pm

They disappeared from Michigan around 1875.

But these days, there's a flourishing herd of wild elk near Gaylord, and anyone can go to see them.

Drew Youngdyke, editor of Michigan Out-of-Doors magazine, joined Stateside today to explain how Michigan's elk made their comeback, what conservation methods look like today, and what seeing one of "Michigan's best kept secrets" is like.

"When you're used to seeing deer, who are maybe, you know, 100 to 150 pounds, and you see an 800 pound bull elk standing there, it just takes your breath away," Youngdyke said. "Your heart beats out of your chest."

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