Notes from Home: Sophia Bondi

Apr 14, 2020

Sophia Bondi just got a great new apartment in New York's West Village, but due to the Coronavirus pandemic, she can't live there just yet.

Instead, Bondi, a freshman at The New School, is back at her parents' home in Seattle. She's taking her classes online and playing a lot of music.

She told Classical IPR that having all of her classes move online is "not so great," but she and her classmates are doing their best to make it work right now.

She played two songs: "Beneath Still Waters" by Emmylou Harris, and an original song called "Love Me Springtime." As she explained, even in a pandemic, "Nothing can stop spring."

Bondi also issued a plea to her fellow Seattle residents to stay home until May 4, when their city is released from its current order.

Listen to the entire conversation and performance below. Then, scroll down to see videos of her performing each song.