New media project documents climate change Up North

Mar 8, 2016

The storm that caused widespread damage across the Grand Traverse region last August left a dilemma behind: whether to clean up the trees it downed around Glen Arbor. Issues like these are the focus of a new media project.
Credit Sara Kassien

We might not know exactly what a changing climate will mean for northern Michigan. But Joe VanderMeulen says we can prepare for it.

“Preserving species diversity and preserving natural areas will give us the greatest shot at retaining some of the beauty of this area,” he says.

VanderMeulen has launched a new media project that focuses on climate change and related issues like development and invasive species.

Nature Change is a project of the Conservation Resource Alliance. It includes stories about dilemmas created by a changing climate—like whether to clean up the trees brought down around Glen Arbor by a freakish storm last August—and first person accounts of people who are observing changes.

VanderMeulen hopes the website will also activate citizens to help with conservation work. The site profiles conservation projects being done by partner organizations, like local land conservancies.