National Writers Series: An evening with Doug Stanton

Nov 30, 2017

Author Doug Stanton says we need to start talking honestly about Vietnam. National Writers Series co-founder Doug Stanton is the author of two bestselling nonfiction books, “In Harm’s Way,” about the sinking of the U.S.S. Indianapolis, and “Horse Soldiers,” about a U.S. Special Forces team deployed to Afghanistan after 9/11. That book has been made into a movie called "12 Strong," coming out in January 2018. Stanton’s latest book is "The Odyssey of Echo Company: The 1969 Tet Offensive and the Epic Battle to Survive the Vietnam War." He talks this hour with author and editor Colin Harrison, who edited Stanton’s last two books. Harrison asked Stanton when he knew “The Odyssey of Echo Company” would become the next story he would tell.