A Narrative of Meteor Showers: this week on the Storyteller's Night Sky

Nov 16, 2020

The meteor shower of the Lion roars through the night from where we find the heart star Regulus, leading the charge for the remaining meteor showers of the season: the Geminds and Ursids, which coincide with terrific celestial phenomenon.

There are three active meteor showers remaining for 2020, bringing the magic of more celestial light to the sky while greater darkness settles in across the northern hemisphere.

The three meteor showers are the Leonids, which peak overnight Tuesday to Wednesday this week, followed the Geminid Meteor Shower, which peaks over night December 13th, and finally, the Ursid Meteor Shower, which peaks at Winter Solstice, December 21st.  

It’s pretty interesting that both the Geminids and the Ursids peak on the same dates as two exceptional celestial events that will close out this year: the total solar eclipse, over Argentina and Chile; and the once-every-20-years Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on Winter Solstice December 21st.

This week’s Leonid Meteor Shower takes its name from the constellation Leo, where we find the 1st magnitude star Regulus, which is always associated with heart forces, noble deeds, and the role of the king. The Geminid takes its name from the constellation Gemini, the twins, which are often associated with a two-foldness, and the striving toward balance between the inner and the outer life of the human being, and to the human being’s mortal and immortal nature. Then there is the Ursid Meteor Shower, which takes its name from the constellations of the bears, Ursas Major and Minor. Here we have to do with the wisdom of “servant leadership” that is expressed in legends of King Arthur, whose round table is associated with the circle described by the motion of the bear constellations through the northern sky.

What I imagine is that the Leonid Meteor Shower this week activates and opens the heart forces of the human being for greater awareness of the physical and soul/spiritual nature with the Geminid during solar eclipse next month, followed by the call for noble deeds at Winter Solstice, deeds that are customary of all true knights of the round table.