A morning sky like gods that wait on noble deeds: this week on the Storyteller's Night Sky

Nov 13, 2017

Like a scene out of the Celtic Wonder Tales, the morning sky this week takes on the appearance of a gathering of the wise beings that created the world, come together to await the noble deeds of human beings.

Low in the east about an hour before sunrise, the morning star, Venus, will be joined by Jupiter; above them, Mars will appear, reddish but more faint. Mars will be the first to greet the Moon this week, a waning crescent that slips though the scene starting Tuesday.

As the week progresses, the Moon will lose more and more of her light to the Sun, diminishing in size, but not in gracefulness, as she wanes to New Phase on Saturday,  reminiscent of the wave sweeper, the sacred boat of the Celtic sea god.

In the Celtic tradition, the creator gods were drawn to the Earth by the song of Brigit, which we’ll imagine as Venus. She convinced them to take up the Earth, despite their resistance, because the Earth had dreamed of beauty. The chieftain known as the Dagda, which we’ll consider Jupiter, gathered the other gods, as well as cauldron of plenty, the spear of victory, and the stone of destiny.  Together with Angus, a god of love, youth and poetic inspiration which we can liken to Mars, they descended through the dawn of time, and committed themselves to the task of staying with the Earth until there was nothing un-beautiful in all the world. 

When you get out to greet the morning sky this week, consider your noble deeds, and offer them into the faint and tender twilight where star on star is gazing, for such a gathering in the morning sky is like the gathering of these Celtic gods and goddesses, come to assess the situation in the created world.

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