Memorial to celebrate Piper, the 'larger than life' dog

Jan 16, 2018

A memorial service will be held this weekend for Piper, the goggles-wearing dog who worked at the Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City.

Piper died earlier this month after a battle with cancer. He was nine years old.

Piper’s job was chasing away birds and other wildlife from the runways at the airport. He gained a fan following after photos and videos of him decked out in goggles and earmuffs were shared widely on social media.

Airport Operations Manager Brian Edwards says he never imagined the social media accounts for his dog would resonate with so many people.

“People made a connection with him and kind of made him larger than life,” he says. “I just started it because I thought people might like to see a dog doing kind of a weird thing but then it took a life of its own.”

Edwards says he doesn’t know yet if he’ll get another dog and train him to work at the airport.

Piper's memorial service starts at 3 p.m. Saturday afternoon at the City Opera House.