The making of a killer ... podcast

Jan 26, 2017

Rebecca Reynolds and her husband, Jim Carpenter are filmmakers from Leland, Michigan.  About two years ago, Rebecca had a conversation with a friend in Los Angeles. Together, they came up with the concept for a true crime and Hollywood show.

“We just started putting some ideas together, and it developed into a show— we just didn’t know what kind of show,” Rebecca says.

Instead of a documentary film, or maybe a TV mini series, the couple decided to create a podcast called, Hollywood and Crime.

The podcast centers around one of the most famous cold cases in California— the murder of 22 year-old woman named Elizabeth Short, who's better known as the Black Dahlia.

What’s not as well known, is that more than a dozen other women also died in a similar way and around the same time as the Black Dahlia. 

The podcast episodes examine these cases and ask the question, “Were these crimes the work of a serial killer, or were these crimes committed by a series of lone-wolves or copycats?”  

Hollywood and Crime mixes narration with dramatic radio theater. Rebecca Reynolds says she wanted the style of the podcast to bring listeners back in time.

"The decision to do the drama mixed with the narration was because of the type of material we were coming up with," she explains. "We didn’t want someone just talking about these crimes, we wanted them to actually feel like they were part of the investigation.”

You can subscribe to Hollywood and Crime via iTunes, or any other podcasting application. Or you can listen to episodes online.