Kids Commute - Spooky Week! Tuesday

Oct 30, 2018

Happy Tuesday, Kids Commuters!  We’re glad you’re here with us for the second day of “Spooky Week” on Kids Commute from Interlochen Public Radio.

Spooky stories are made even more spooky with the right music to set the mood.  In today’s episode, we listen to an excerpt of famous music writing duo Gilbert & Sullivan’s “Ruddigore”, also known “The Witches Curse”.  We’ll tell you what exactly that curse is, and how ghosts are tormenting the main character Sir Rupert Murgatroyd into doing bad deeds.

Here are some of the spooky lyrics, “When the footpads quail at the night-bird’s wail, and black dogs bay at the moon, then is the spectre’s holiday - then is the ghost’s high noon!”


KC 241

“When the Night Wind Howls”


Gilbert & Sullivan

Singer: Bryn Terfel

Conductor/Orchestra: Paul Daniel/Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra