Kids Commute - Spooky Week! Monday

Oct 29, 2018

It’s Monday!  Welcome to “Spooky Week” on Kids Commute.

Since Halloween is coming up this week, we thought it would be a good idea to play some pieces that have spooked its listeners.  Throughout the week, we’ll hear selections from theatrical plays and musicals, and even a funeral march.

KC 240

“In the Hall of the Mountain King”

“Peer Gynt Suite No. 1, Op. 46 No. 4”

Composer: Edvard Grieg

Conductor/Orchestra: Leonard Bernstein/New York Philharmonic


Today, we’re running away from trolls!  Composer Edvard Grieg wrote music to go with writer Henrik Ibsen’s play “Peer Gynt”.  The music was so good, Grieg compiled it into two suites of music known as “Peer Gynt Suites 1 and 2”.  While the melody is pretty well known, the story behind it may not be.  We’ll fill in some details about the story for you.