Kids Commute - Spider Snack Week! Wednesday

Jan 16, 2019

Happy Websday, oops - WEDNESDAY! from the Kids Commute team at Interlochen Public Radio! It’s the middle of Spider Snack Week as we listen to music from French composer Albert Roussel’s ballet, “The Spider’s Feast.”

So far, we’ve heard music to accompany the spider building its web and catching its first meal. In today’s show, we shrink ourselves down to bug size to observe some major bug drama. An apple has crashed to the ground, bringing fruit worms with it. Those fruit worms sure look tasty to the spider, but they also look tasty to the spider’s rival - praying mantises who think those fruit worms look really tasty too! How would you feel if somebody tried to steal your lunch? You’d probably be pretty upset, and so is our spider who fights for its right to a decent lunch. The ants from Monday’s show circle around the mantises and the spider and cheer on the action!

KC 272
"The Spider's Feast"
Albert Roussel
Rotislav Dubinsky/BBC Philharmonic

Here's today's Kids Commute: