Kids Commute - Spider Snack Week! Tuesday

Jan 15, 2019

KC 271 - "The Spider's Feast" Part Two! Today, a butterfly gets caught in the web.
Credit Appu Shaji, 2008

Welcome back to Kids Commute from Interlochen Public Radio! This week, we’re listening to highlights from Albert Roussel’s ballet, “The Spider’s Feast”, written in 1912. Listen to the story develop and after the music, you’ll get a hint at the answer to this week’s Quizlet.

In yesterday’s show, we heard the music that accompanies our garden spider as it builds its web to catch a tasty meal. Today’s show is bad news for butterflies, or rather, one butterfly in particular. Our spider’s web has worked! Listen to the music of a butterfly gracefully flying, then struggling as it realizes it’s stuck in the web.

KC 271
"The Spider's Feast"
Albert Roussel
Rotislav Dubsinsky

Here's today's Kids Commute: