Kids Commute - Spider Snack Week! Friday

Jan 18, 2019

Happy Friday! We’ve been bugging you all week on Kids Commute from Interlochen Public Radio. Spiders, ants, butterflies, mantises, and mayflies all have gotten in on the action during “The Spider’s Feast”- a ballet composed by Albert Roussel in 1912.

How will this bug drama end? So far, the spider has triumphantly captured a butterfly and picked a fight with mantises over fruit worms. Will the spider continue to feast on every bug that’s unlucky enough to get stuck in its web? Will the mantises continue to try to steal its feast? Will they all get squished by the gardener? We’re not going to give away the answer, but we will give you the answer to this week’s Quizlet after the music.

KC 274
"The Spider's Feast"
Albert Roussel
Rotislav Dubinsky/BBC Philharmonic

Here's today's Kids Commute: