Kids Commute - Randomizer Week! Wednesday

May 22, 2019

We’re happy to have you back for another episode of Kids Commute from Interlochen Public Radio!  It’s Randomizer Week, and that means that the Kids Commute Randomizer Machine has chosen five pieces of great music that have nothing to do with each other, but are still fun to listen to.  Today, we’re getting a little ill. Not in the sense that we’re getting sick, of course. “Ill Wind,” is a parody song based on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Horn Concerto No. 4. Musical comedy duo, Flanders and Swann, wrote a funny song about learning how to play the horn, and what their neighbors thought about it.  After the music, we’ll give you the second clue to help you solve this week’s random Kids Commute Quizlet. Of course, if you text us the correct answer, we’ll send you a Kids Commute Prize Pack. We hope you’re enjoying Randomizer Week on Kids Commute from Interlochen Public Radio.

KC 2152
"Ill Wind"
Composers and Performers: Michael Flanders (lyrics), and Donald Swann (music)