Kids Commute - Polka Week! Friday

Apr 5, 2019

Weird Al Yankovic at Radio City Music Hall 2018

Happy Friday, Kids Commuters!

We hope you've enjoyed celebrating April Fool's this week by becoming fools...for the polka! We've heard some fun, goofy polkas all week, and we'd still love for you to send your best (or worst!) joke to our Quizlet line!

What better way to wind up Polka Week than with America's current, beloved polka king - Weird Al Yankovic! He's been a big star since the 1970's, known for writing silly parody versions of hit radio songs. Today, though, we're hearing an original polka composition by Weird Al, written for "Pokemon 2000: The Power of Love."

KC 2119
Weird Al Yankovic