Kids Commute - Old West Week! (Encore) Tuesday

Nov 6, 2018

Kids Commute Episode 31 - Old West Week! "Hoedown" from "Rodeo" by Aaron Copland
Credit Cowgirl, circa 1900

Welcome to Day Two of Old West Week on IPR's Kids Commute - Classical Music for Kids!

Today, we'll hear a selection from an Old West ballet, by composer Aaron Copland.

To learn about all the story and wonderful music in "Rodeo", check out our expanded Summer Listening Episode in the links at the bottom of this post.

KC 31 (Encore Presentation)
"Hoedown" from "Rodeo"
Aaron Copland

Here's today's Kids Commute:

Here's a video clip of the opening scene of Rodeo, performed by the American Ballet Theatre in 1973: