Kids Commute - Minimalism Week! Wednesday

Oct 24, 2018

KC 237: Today's composer is the American minimalist pioneer John Cage
Credit Rob Bogaerts, Fotocollectie Anefo 1988

Happy Wednesday, Kids Commuters! Welcome to Day Three of MINIMALISM Week on IPR's Kids Commute!

Minimalism is a musical movement in which little things mean a lot. The music uses simple tunes, harmonies and rhythms to create a complex sound. Some minimalist music isn't intended to be heard as a tune you hum along to - the composer just wants you to be present with interesting sounds for a while.

Today's composer is one of the great pioneers of minimalism - John Cage. He wrote music for instruments like tin cans, toy pianos, or...nothing but the ambient sound in a concert hall.

KC 237
"Suite for Toy Piano"
John Cage
Stephen Drury, pianist

Here's today's Kids Commute:

Here's video of pianist Ziton Wang peforming the "Suite for Toy Piano."

Just for fun - here's a video of the EBU Euroradio Orchestra performing "4'33." This is one of Kate's favorite versions of it, because the musicians all hold themselves in a way that suggests they're about to start playing any second - but we know they won't! Remember, the point of the piece is to listen to the sounds the orchestra and the room make when they areĀ not playing. Talk about minimal!