Kids Commute - Minimalism Week! Friday

Oct 26, 2018

KC 239: Today's very special guest is Matthew Duvall, percussionist for Eighth Blackbird. He'll talk about and perform music of Peter Garland.
Credit Photo courtesy of Matthew Duvall

Happy Friday, Kids Commuters! Welcome to the last day of MINIMALISM Week!

This week has been fascinating to put together - we hope you've enjoyed it!

Minimalism is a musical movement in which little things mean a lot. The music uses simple tunes, harmonies and rhythms to create a complex sound. Some minimalist music isn't intended to be heard as a tune you hum along to - the composer just wants you to be present with interesting sounds for a while.

Today's music is the gently beautiful "The Days Run Away" by composer Peter Garland. Our friend Matthew Duvall of Eighth Blackbird returns to teach us about the piece and play it for us on the piano! Matthew thought it was a lovely way to say goodbye, and we agree.

Thank you so much, Matthew!

KC 239
"The Days Run Away"
Peter Garland
Special guest and pianist: Matthew Duvall

Here's today's Kids Commute:


Matthew's performance of "The Days Run Away" is an excerpt for radio. Here's a  full-length version of Peter Garland's beautiful piece:

Here's a short film of Eighth Blackbird, featuring Matthew Duvall playing all sorts of interesting "instruments!"