Kids Commute - La Cenerentola Week! Friday

Mar 23, 2018

Kids Commute, Episode 14, LA CENERENTOLA WEEK: Happily Ever After! "Non piu mesta."

Welcome to La Cenerentola Friday on IPR's Kids Commute! We hope you've enjoyed this week of Gioacchino Rossin's Italian opera based on the story of Cinderella.

Yesterday, the Prince and Dandini wondered when the real charming daughter of Don Magnifico would show up at the party. Well - of course she did, eventually! What would our fairy tale be without a, "happy ever after?"

Today, La Cenerentola shows her true goodness and sings, "Non piu mesta," - no more sadness!

Friday, September 22, 2017 (Ep. 14) - encore rebroadcast Friday, March 23, 2018
Non Piu Mesta
Gioacchino Rossini

Here's today's Kids Commute:

Here's an English translation of what we're hearing today:


I was born deeply troubled and crying,
Silently suffering at the core;
But by a sweet enchantment
At the flower of my youth,
Like a flash
My fate will change.

No, no - wipe away your tears
Why do you tremble, why?
Fly to this bosom - 
Daughter, sister, friend -
All are to be found in me.

No longer sad by the fire
Will I warble alone - no!
Ah, it was a flash of lightning, a dream, a game - 
My long life of fear!

Cinderella is a story that's been told for many centuries, in many different ways. Learn about all the very earliest versions of the story here.

...and here is the fabulous Cecilia Bartoli - our Cenerentola all week! - with her big finale.  Get a load of that wedding cake!!