Kids Commute - Gulliver’s Travels Week! Monday

Feb 4, 2019

“Lilliputians Examining the Man‐Mountain’s Possessions,” illustration of characters Lemuel Gulliver and Lilliputians, by Donald Grant Mitchell, St. Nicholas, Mar. 1874
Credit Donald Grant Mitchell

Welcome back to Kids Commute - classical music appreciation for kids - from Interlochen Public Radio! This week, we tell the story of Lemuel Gulliver. “Gulliver’s Travels” is a story by Irish author Jonathan Swift. It was written in 1725 and has delighted readers ever since. This week, we’ll tell you the highlights of the story using music by German composer Georg Philipp Telemann and American composer Bernard Hermann.

Today, we discover how Gulliver started his adventure and how he landed on the island of Lilliput. Just like Gulliver, the Kids Commute team has lots of questions. Like, what is a Lilliputian and who are the people of Blefescu? Why are the people of Lilliput and Blefescu at war? We’re wondering how Jonathan Swift came up with these names! And speaking of questions, we didn’t forget to introduce an all new Kids Commute Quizlet. Do you think you’ll get it right without any hints? Text us the correct answer, and we’ll send you a Kids Commute Prize Pack!

KC 285
Film soundtrack: "The Three Worlds of Gulliver" (1960)
Composer: Bernard Hermann
Conductor/Orchestra: Bernard Hermann/St. Louis Symphony Orchestra