Kids Commute - Get a Job Week!

Dec 11, 2020

Kids Commute - Get a Job! Week

This week on Kids Commute - for years, people have told musicians to  give up on their music dreams and "get a job!"

Composing is certainly a worthy line of work, and some classical composers had patrons, people who would pay their way so they could create music without having to worry about money. Many more had to keep their "day jobs" - ways to make money when the composing dollars weren't rolling in.

We'll hear music from composers who had to keep a 9-t0-5 - it's Get a Job Week! We have a new Quizlet to flex your brain, too.

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Here's this week's MAYA MIX, featuring all the music from "Get a Job!" Week, plus some extras from our hardworking composers!