Kids Commute - Don Quixote Week! Wednesday

Nov 15, 2017

Kids Commute Ep. 52 - Don Quixote Week! "Battle of the Sheep"

Welcome to Day Three of Welcome to Don Quixote Week on IPR's Kids Commute - classical music for kids!

This week, our music will be all about Don Quixote, a crazy, but well-intentioned old gentleman who wishes he were a hero. He's a character from a novel written in Spain in the year 1615 by the author Miguel de Cervantes.

Almost three hundred years after de Cervantes wrote the book, a lot of its stories were set to music by German composer Richard Strauss.

Today, Don Quixote thinks he sees the dust of two opposing armies coming at him on the road, but they're not two opposing armies. They're...sheep.  Yep!

We have a very special guest joining us today for Kids Commute - Leelanee Sterrett is Acting Associate Principal Horn for the New York Philharmonic. The NYPhil is performing Don Quixote at Hill Auditorium in Ann Arbor this weekend (you can listen to the concert and pre-show coverage on Classical IPR!). Leelanee is from Manton, Michigan, and was kind enough to drop by Kids Commute to explain how the orchestra turns the entire Horn section into a flock of sheep!

Here's today's Kids Commute:

More of Kate's interview with Leelanee Sterrett after the jump (click "read more!").

Leelanee Sterrett, originally from Manton, Michigan, is the Acting Associate Principal Horn for the New York Philharmonic!
Credit New York Philharmonic

...and here's our whole interview with our new friend Leelanee!