Kids Commute - BOOM Week! Thursday

Oct 11, 2018

KC 228 - BOOM Week! Thursday: Today, we'll hear "O Fortuna" from Carl Orff's oratorio "Carmina Burana."

Welcome to Day Four of BOOM Week on IPR's Kids Commute! This week, we're listening to big, loud, booming music!

Today, a group of medieval peasants complains about the "Wheel of Fortune", an ancient idea that sometimes you're up, sometimes you're down - and you have no control over what happens to you. Their complaining is understandable - life in the year 1230 was pretty hard!

German composer Carl Orff found some poetry in medieval manuscripts (dating to around the year 1230) and set them to music in the 1937 oratorio, "Carmina Burana." 

KC 228
"O Fortuna"
"Carmina Burana"
San Francisco Symphony & Chorus

Feel like loudly complaining about Fate? Sing along with the London Symphony Orchestra (lyrics included in the video)!