Jetty Rae's new kids album is music the whole family can enjoy

Mar 8, 2019

Charlevoix native Jetty Rae is out with a new album called "Stardust." It’s a children’s album, and the songs have a light, mellow, drifting sound to them.

Jetty Rae's newest album "Stardust."

In 2011, Jetty made a lullaby album titled "La La Lu and the Lazy Moon." Since then, her fans kept telling her they wanted another one kids album. But it's not your typical children's music album. Jetty wanted to avoid the cheesey stereotype that sometimes accompanies kid's music.

"There's music that my whole family can enjoy together. And that was kind of the goal when I wrote this album."

More information on Jetty Rae and her music can be found here. Her new album "Stardust" is also available wherever you stream music.