History buffs seek Michigan location for a 19-day festival in 2016

Aug 26, 2014

Ludington and Traverse City are on a short list for a new 19-day festival being planned for 2016.

Credit https://www.facebook.com/pages/History-Prize/146759932084035

History Prize would be modeled after ArtPrize in Grand Rapids. Organizers of the new event hope to offer cash prizes in the tens-of-thousands of dollars for the best exhibitors.

“Everyone would be invited to bring history to life through reenactments, displays of cultural heritage, historically inspired stories, Renaissance, Viking history, Civil War – anything you can imagine,” says Mara MacKay, one of the event organizers.

MacKay says her team will be visiting five communities in September and they hope to firm up their 2016 venue by  October.

They’re looking for a community that can embrace the vision, and help fundraise to build its cash prizes.

MacKay did not say how much money has been raised so far toward the prizes.

History Prize isn't the only group looking to get more people inspired about the past. But many small historical organizations are struggling to get new people involved. A Michigan Radio report looks into what's at stake if these small historical groups fold.