The Giving Tree Band is music to earth's ears

Jul 12, 2017

The Giving Tree Band has been called “The Greenest Band in the Land.” The band from Illinois has a vision statement that outlines an eco-friendly approach to their music and life.


For example, all the band members live in one home, many of their instruments have been made from naturally-fallen trees, and their albums have been produced with renewable energy. 

"For artists, we already think differently," says Eric Fink, the band's co-founder. "We have a great responsibility to share that different way of thinking even if other people don't agree or understand or like it."

Fink says the idea is not to shove something in people's faces, but it's about putting their beliefs into action and providing examples for others.

"You don't have to go to these extremes," he says. "At the end of the day, it's to show if this can be done by a bunch of ragtag yahoos, what can be done by the greats?"

The Giving Tree Band recently came out with a new album called, "The Frequency of Love." On Sunday night, they perform in Lake Leeanau.