Fundraising in northern Michigan U.S. House race tops $2.3 million

Jul 19, 2016

Michigan's 1st Congressional District

Candidates for northern Michigan’s seat in U.S. Congress have raised more than $2.3 million so far in a race that is expected to be one of the most competitive in the nation this November.

Campaigns across the nation filed financial statements with the Federal Election Commission last week.

Former Michigan Democratic Party chair Lon Johnson leads all candidates in the 1st Congressional District with more than $1.2 million raised through June 30. Fellow Democrat Jerry Cannon has raised $46,169.

Republican Jack Bergman, a retired Marine Corps general from Watersmeet, has more cash on hand than any other Republican. He has raised $336,275 total and spent more than $94,000.

Most of that money comes from Bergman’s own pocketbook, says Craig Mauger with the Michigan Campaign Finance Network.

“Jack Bergman, who’s kind of this upstart candidate who is kind of painting himself as an outsider,” Mauger says, “is chipping in a lot of money to his own campaign that could give him a better chance going into August 2.”

Bergman has loaned his campaign more than $270,000.

State Sen. Tom Casperson has raised the most total among Republicans — $373,768. Former state Sen. Jason Allen has brought in $282,151.

Diane Bostow, a Libertarian Party candidate, was not required to file a financial disclosure statement in July because she did not enter the race until May. Bostow will be required to file a statement for the first time in October.

The primary election is August 2.