French Horn: William VerMeulen

Jun 16, 2014

Houston Symphony Principal French Horn, William VerMeulen, visits Studio A. (Bill's on the right, at left, his accompanist, Victor Cayres.)

William VerMeulen has had a life full of connections to Interlochen.  His mother came here to attend Music Camp and play the cello in the 1940's, and later, was a participant in our Adult Chamber Music Camp.  He attended Interlochen as a Camper, and then later, as an Academy Student.  He even worked in food service in the cafeteria, and eventually spent three years as an Academy Horn Instructor.  "I've done," he says, " everything you could do at Interlochen, and now to be back is a thrill."

VerMeulen comes full circle this week at Interlochen, as he returns  - after thirty years - to teach the French Horn Institute and help the young musicians move forward in their careers.  

Fitting, then, that the piece he chose to perform for us in Studio A is, "Remembrances," by Michael Conway Baker.

See William VerMeulen perform a recital on Tuesday night, June 17, at 6:00 p.m. at the Mallory-Towsley Center on the Interlochen campus.  Admission is free!