Essay: Dog Hair Giveaway

Oct 9, 2020

Dog Hair Giveaway

I’m standing in line at the bank and notice the woman in front of me.  She’s looks very professional with a sleek haircut and expensive shoes.  An executive, I think, who is conducting important business.

Then I notice that the back of her trench coat—her elegant, black trench coat—is covered with golden dog hair.  I have to smile, imagining her retriever sitting in the driver’s seat of her car, perhaps even now.

For a minute I wonder if I should tell her about the coat?  No, of course not.  This is one piece of information she does not need.  And a few days later I remember this woman and her coat when I am at the vet.  

The technician has asked me to remove my cat from the carrier to be examined—but my cat resists leaving her comfort zone in this strange and threatening environment—and attaches herself to my parka.

A few minutes later, I glance down at my green parka which is now covered with white cat hair.  And the more I brush it off, the more it distributes itself across every inch of the dark green fabric.  We don’t really need bumper stickers that say, “I love my pet.”  

The evidence is everywhere.