ENCORE - Kids Commute - Pirate Week!

Mar 27, 2020


Avast, me hearties! 'Tis the encore of Pirate Week on Kids Commute - music appreciation for kids from Interlochen Public Radio. This week, we're listening to music inspired by the scurvy robbers of the high seas. Pirate week originally aired in the first season of Kids Commute, and it was so popular, we decided to bring it back. We'll hear two pieces of music inspired by lady pirates, including the Pirate Queen. We also hear a song about some clumsy pirates who think they're sneaking along as quiet as a cat. You'll hear references to our Kids Commute Quizlet - for now, me pirate friends, our Prize Packs are buried on an island somewhere and we will not be sending them out until we can find them and commense with the diggin'.  If you answer the question right, we'll give you bragging rights on the air. Thanks for being loyal listeners of Kids Commute - classical music for kids from Interlochen Public Radio.