Election roundup: August 2018 primary winners

Aug 8, 2018

UNOFFICIAL ELECTION RESULTS: Updated 8/8/18 10:30 a.m:


Republican: Bill Schuette

Democrat: Gretchen Whitmer

Libertarian: Bill Gelineau

U.S. senate:

Republican: John James 

Democrat: Debbie Stabenow (incumbent)

U.S. 1st congressional:

Republican: Jack Bergman (incumbent)

Democrat: write-in candidates

Michigan 101st House:

Republican: Jack O’Malley 

Democrat: Kathy Wiejaczka 

Michigan 104th House:

Republican: Larry Inman (unopposed incumbent)


Democrat: Dan O’Neil (unopposed)

Michigan 105th House:

Republican: Tristan Cole (unopposed incumbent) 

Democrat: Melissa Fruge (unopposed)

Michigan 107th House:

Republican: Lee Chatfield (incumbent) 

Democrat: Joanne Gallway

Michigan 35th Senate:

Republican: Curt VanderWall

Democrat: Mike Taillard (unopposed)

Libertarian: Timothy Coon (unopposed)

Michigan 37th Senate:

Republican: Wayne Schmidt (incumbent)

Democrat: Jim Page (unopposed)


Grand Traverse County millages and bond:

Traverse City Area Public Schools: PASSES

The bond will secure approximately $107 million for TCAPS school reconstruction and improvements, safety and security improvements, STEM and robotics laboratories, technology and bus replacements. The proposal is a renewal and is not expected to increase taxes. It is estimated property owners would continue paying $310 for every $100,000 of taxable value (or .31 mill) to cover the cost of the bonds.

Animal Control: PASSES

This millage will raise an estimated $170,000 for animal control programs, personnel and facilities. It amounts to 0.037 mill ($3.70 per $100,000 in taxable property value) for three years.  

Grand Traverse Conservation District: PASSES

Around $500,000 will go to the Grand Traverse Conservation District to help landowners and farmers protect their land and combat invasive plants, support the Boardman River Nature Center’s educational programs and continue restoration of the Boardman River. This is a proposal of 0.1 mill ($10 per $100,000 in taxable property value) for eight years. 


Grand Traverse County Commission Races:

1st district: 

Republican: Dan Lathrop (incumbent)

Democrat: Betsy Coffia (unopposed)

2nd district: 

Republican: Matthew Schoech (unopposed)

Democrat: Bryce Hundley (unopposed)

3rd district: 

Republican: Brad Jewett

Democrat: Michael Powers (unopposed)

4th district: 

Republican: Addison Wheelock, Jr. (unopposed incumbent)

Democrat: Steve Horne (unopposed)

5th district:

Republican: Ron Clous (unopposed incumbent)

Democrat: Linda Pepper (unopposed)

6th district: 

Republican: Gordon LaPointe 

Democrat: Makenzie Jeurink (unopposed)

7th district: 

Republican: Robert Hentschel

Democrat: Thomas Wertz (unopposed)

Law enforcement millages:

Benzie County: PASSES

This millage would raise $120,136 to pay for a drug enforcement officer who would work with the Traverse Narcotics Team. The proposal is for 0.0986 mills ($9.86 per $100,000 in taxable property value) for four years. 

Mason County: PASSES

This millage requests $564,143 to hire four additional road patrol deputies in Mason County and cover the cost of equipment, vehicles and operations. It would amount to 0.3 mill ($30 per $100,000 in taxable property value) for eight years. 

Wexford County: PASSES

More than $1.3 million would go towards subsidizing the Wexford County Sheriff’s Office’s policing operation. This is a proposal of 1.45 mills ($145 per $100,000 in taxable property value) for six years.