East Jordan considers limits on legal marijuana

Dec 3, 2018

Credit TheraCann

East Jordan is considering an ordinance that would restrict legal marijuana use. It would ban it on public property and stop dispensaries from opening within city limits.


Residents could still use it on private property.


Recreational marijuana becomes legal statewide on Thursday. The new law lets municipalities ban dispensaries and also prohibits marijuana use on public property.



But City Administrator Tom Cannon says the state’s definition of a public space is vague, and people may try to take advantage of it.


"We are keeping that discussion open on where it may or may not work as other regulations are put in place by the state," Cannon says.


East Jordan police chief Terry McDonnell says the city isn’t opposed to legal marijuana, but they need time to see how other communities regulate it first.


"If they find in the future that it can be well done ... and be an asset, then at that time they will do that," says McDonnell.


The ordinance will be introduced at a city commission meeting Tuesday night. They could vote on it as early as December 20.