DIA brings art outdoors in Traverse City

May 17, 2016

A dozen high-quality art reproductions will be placed throughout downtown Traverse City on Wednesday. 

Among them is “The Nut Gatherers” by William-Adolphe Bouguereau, and “Reeds and Cranes” by Suzuki Kiitsu.

Inside|Out is a program from the Detroit Institute of Arts that brings replicas from its collection to different locations around the state.

Kathryn Dimond is the Vice-President of Community Relations at the DIA. She says art belongs outdoors because it inspires people and brings the community together.

“We’ve had people stop and say, ‘Wow, I’ve never really looked at this building before but by having this work of art on the building, it’s really making me realize how beautiful this old building was,’” says Dimond. "So, it makes people really think of their world a little bit differently and I think that’s an amazing power of having this in the community.”

The 12 installations listed below will be on display through October.

"Eros Triumphant"
Location: Fire Station, 500 West Front Street

"The Sinfonia"
Location: Warehouse Marketplace, 144 Hall Street

"View of Le Crotoy"
Location: Lot B, Farmers Market

"Reeds and Cranes"
Location: Clinch Park

"Seascape Sunset"
Location: Morsels, 321 East Front Street

"Ishtar Gate"
Location:Chase Bank Building, 250 East Front Street

"Fourteenth Street at Sixth Avenue"
Location: Kilwins, 129 East Front Street

"The Nut Gatherers"
Location: RadioCentre II, 125 Park Street

"Boy with Plaid Scarf"
Location: American Legion Park, corner of Cass and Washington

"Asafo Flag"
Location: Cousin Jenny's, 129 South Union Street

"Animals is Landscape"
Location: 303 South Union Street

"Madame Paul Poirson"
Location: Crooked Tree Arts Center, 322 Sixth Street