Crystal Mountain ski student dies in accident

Jan 3, 2017

Credit Crystal Mountain Resort

A 10-year-old skier from Chicago died Monday after a crash at Crystal Mountain Resort. Resort spokesman Brian Lawson says the girl was part of a group taking a ski lesson on an intermediate trail.

“The skier skied slightly ahead of the class, apparently lost control briefly and then struck a tree,” says Lawson.

The girl was considered a "level four" intermediate skier and she was wearing a helmet. Lawson says snow conditions were good Sunday, but the girl may have hit an icy patch.

“Whenever there’s a situation like this, your inclination is to try to find a simple answer that you can fix, and I think in this situation, there was just a number of variables that came into play, with a horrible outcome," says Lawson.

This is the third year in a row that Crystal Mountain has had a fatal accident.