Community exposure of COVID-19 found in Grand Traverse County, local health department says

Mar 30, 2020

Credit Interlochen Public Radio

Grand Traverse County reports there are two residents with COVID-19 who likely became exposed in the community.

One woman in her 70s had not travelled or had contact with any known person with the disease, a county health department investigation found. She is currently in the hospital.

The county anticipated it would see community transmission eventually, Grand Traverse County Health Department Medical Director Michael Collins said in a release.

“It reaffirms that everyone who is not deemed an essential worker should be staying at home to reduce further community transmission,” he said.

The health department says another woman in her 20s likely became exposed when visiting an area with a high number of cases where the virus was transmitted in the community. She quarantined in her home after exposure and now continues to isolate there as she recovers from the illness.

Previously, the few confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 in Grand Traverse County were the result of people likely becoming exposed to the coronavirus through travel.


The local health department says there are currently seven confirmed positive COVID-19 cases in the county and many more symptomatic residents being monitored.