Changes to minimum wage and earned sick time measures pass through State House

Dec 5, 2018

The State House made a few minor changes to the bills that the state Senate signed off on before sending the bills to the governor.

For the paid leave measure, it upped how many hours an employer must offer to 40 hours; the Senate version required 36 hours. It also lowered from the Senate bill how many ours an employee has to work to get an hour of paid leave from 40 hours to 35.

The final version also allows workers to accrue leave time immediately and begin using it within 90 days.

For minimum wage, the final version has the tipped minimum wage at 38 percent of the minimum wage, meaning tipped workers would have a minimum wage of $4.58 by 2030. House changes also have the minimum wage rising to $12.05 an hour by 2030, instead of the Senate version’s $12.00 an hour.