Captured wolf dies en route to Isle Royale

Oct 1, 2018

A wolf that was part of a plan to repopulate Isle Royale National Park died last week. The wolf died in a holding facility during the transportation process.

New wolves are being introduced to the island as part of a long-term plan to balance the island’s ecosystem. Moose populations on the island have been on the rise as the wolf population has dwindled to just two, and moose are overbrowsing the island. Park officials plan to introduce 20 to 30 wolves in the next few years to help keep the moose population in check.

Two gray wolves were successfully released onto the island Wednesday, bringing the total wolf population to four. Then on Thursday, another wolf was captured, sedated and transported to a holding facility, where the wolf later died.

Park officials say they will change how long wolves are held and how they are sedated when transporting future wolves.