Campfire Stories: Tamarack Camps storyteller shares tale of wisdom

Jul 17, 2018
Originally published on July 20, 2018 2:31 pm

There's something about the a crackling campfire and the looming mystery of a nighttime forest that creates the perfect atmosphere for telling a special kind of story.

Some campfire stories aim to send a shiver down your spine. Others seek to remember a past moment in history or teach a good life lesson.

With that tradition in mind, Stateside will be bringing you a series of stories this summer perfect for your next bonfire. 

To kick-off the series, we begin with Jenifer Strauss, a professional storyteller based in Traverse City.

Growing up in Metro Detroit, Jen spent her summers attending Tamarack Camps, a Jewish summer camp run by the Fresh Air Society in Bloomfield Hills. 

This month, Strauss is back at Tamarack Camps, sharing the art of storytelling with campers. Many of the stories that ended up in Strauss' professional repertoire of tales were ones that she originally heard at camp many years ago, "A Grain of Rice," which you can listen to above. 

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