After voter revolt, Emmet County commission sets new priorities

Jan 6, 2017

A crowd of stargazers enjoys the view at the Headlands International Dark Sky Park. Emmet County Commissioner Charlie MacInnis says spending on a new building at the park was partially responsible for a voter revolution last year.
Credit Aaron Selbig

Donald Trump’s surprise run to the presidency captured most of the attention around last year’s election, but in Emmet County, there was another quiet revolution. Residents there voted out four sitting members of the county Board of Commissioners, and two more incumbents stepped down.

Only one commissioner kept his seat - Charlie MacInnis, and at the new commission’s first meeting this week, he was elected chairman.

MacInnis spoke to IPR's Aaron Selbig about why voters in Emmet County decided to go in a new direction, and what that new direction might be.

Charlie MacInnis is a member of IPR’s Community Advisory Council.