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Meet Kara Huber, Interlochen's new Instructor of Piano

Pianist Kara Huber

This fall, pianist Kara Huber joined the faculty of Interlochen Arts Academy.

She's no stranger to northern Michigan, though - Huber is herself a graduate of Interlochen Arts Academy.

Initially, she was pretty nervous about coming back to northern Michigan.

"But the second that I set foot on campus, it felt like being at home again," Huber said.

She said her students at Interlochen Arts Academy are eager to learn.

"It's making my job very easy," she said. "They're jumping on any opportunities or suggestions that I'm trying to give them."

Huber is learning right along with her students, though.

For example, one student is currently preparing Clara Schumann's Preludes and Fugues for a college audition. Since Huber didn't know those pieces before, she and her student are studying them simultaneously.

She said that, although she does also like teaching students pieces of music that she knows very well, she enjoys learning new pieces alongside them.

"This is another fresh take on education," she explained.

Huber is also active on multiple social media platforms and is always adding new videos to her YouTube channel.

She explained that being active online is a great way to promote herself and the music she plays.

"Everything I produce online is free and available for anybody to see," she said. "That's helpful for getting my music out there and supportive living composers and their works."

Maintaining that online presence is a lot of hard work, but she thinks it's totally worth the time.

"I've gotten recitals and concerts and gigs just because of my Twitter account," she said. "I think it's really worthwhile, and I encourage my students to do the same thing."

Listen to Huber's complete conversation with IPR and her performances of music by Sergei Rachmaninoff, Scott Joplin and Joan Tower.

Music performed
Sergei Rachmaninoff, Prelude in B minor, op. 32, no. 10
Scott Joplin, Solace
Joan Tower, Ivory and Ebony

This edition of Studio A was engineered by Stefan Wiebe.

Kacie Brown is IPR's digital content manager.

Dr. Amanda Sewell is IPR's music director.