Keith Romer

Keith Romer has been a contributing reporter for Planet Money since 2015. He has reported stories on risk-pooling among poker players, whether it's legal to write a spin-off of the children's book Goodnight Moon and the time one man cornered the American market in onions. Sometimes on the show, he sings.

Romer has also worked as a producer and story editor at ESPN's 30 for 30 Podcast where he reported on WNBA players who played overseas for a former KGB spy and — more gamblers — the World Series of Poker that launched the international poker boom. His work has also appeared in The New Yorker and Rolling Stone.


Seattle's first Black female police chief will, within hours, be out of the job. Carmen Best announced her resignation in August just after Seattle's City Council announced cuts to the police department in the wake of protests, in part, aimed at police misconduct. Among other things, those cuts would eliminate the jobs of about a hundred officers, including, possibly, a young Black recruit who had emailed Chief Best this summer to share how ecstatic he was to work under her command.