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IPR Welcomes Environmental News Intern



IPR welcomes Environmental News Intern,  Cassidy Hough. Cassidy is a junior at Michigan State University, double majoring in environment, science and health reporting journalism and  environmental studies and sustainability. A recipient of the Michael and Sandra Clark scholarship in environmental journalism, she also received the Meeman Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Environmental Journalism.


When Cassidy was in her sophomore year,  she realized that she really enjoyed being a liaison between the science community and the public. Cassidy enjoys writing about animal diseases. “There are numerous diseases that are silently wiping out entire species of animals and I think with the proper coverage, the public may be able to help slow the spread or search for solutions (in some cases).  I also enjoy stories that localize climate change (e.g. dams flooding/collapsing).  I think it's interesting to think about the environment systematically, and climate change is something that affects most, if not all, items in that system. With that being said, I like searching for the connection between things like loss of shoreline and climate change.”


Cassidy arrived at the Interlochen Campus in mid-May where she was required to quarantine for the standard fourteen days. “The early stages of quarantine on campus have certainly been strange, however, I've actually been loving the solitude.  It's been really nice to disconnect from the world once I get off work and take time to focus on myself.” We look forward to hearing more from Cassidy.